Dr Rose Book

chap         date                       topicpage
3 20130513–20131003Payment from  MSF65
4 20131003–20131231Jonatan Fund diversion of 50%139
5 20140101–20140213Payment drama200
620140214–20140718Fund out of England237
720140214–20140630Rose health problems325
820140723–20141017 Fund to ECB379
920140701–20141231Rose has sorrow434
1020141017–20141231Swedbank hell plan504
Part 2
1120150101–20150701Rose rehab8
1220150101–20150318Swedbanks try to stop the Fund48
1320150317–20150630Swedbanks try again to stop fund89
1420150701–20151231Rose pain in heart147
1520150701–20151109Grekland stop183
1620151109–20160127Flight to Örebro238
1720160101–20170129Last mail from Rose287
1820160121–20161231Open Offshore account308
1920170101–20171231Commerz Bank 2017354
2020180108–20180501NLB liquidated, bankruptcy377
2120180501–20181210new private offshore account388
2220181210–20181231SEB cause problem again410
2320190101–20190130Commerz Bank 2019415
2420190131- 20190312Search for Dr Rose422
  2520190318-Commerz bank, pressure and threats  427
 2013–2017Rose health diary464
 20160609–20190408Swedbanks “Hell” plans475
  Various financial institutions484
  Thanks.  Bank slips486
  MAP Syria487