Dr Rose. M. Peterson Diary

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Language: English


In this book, you will follow the journey of Dr. Rose M. Peterson, a 37-year-old who faced challenges in her personal life and contemplated escaping from these difficulties. Despite her naivety, youthfulness, and adventurous spirit, she was also equipped with the training to assist those in need. Driven by a sense of duty, she undertook a highly confidential mission with Médecins Sans Frontières (Medicine Sans Frontieres) (MSF), serving in the war-torn region of Syria, particularly stationed in Aleppo.

The narrative unfolds through a series of emails written by Dr. Peterson to me. Through these correspondences, you will gain insight into her dreams, life’s disappointments, homesickness, the bittersweet joy of leaving Aleppo, and the challenges that ensued. The story also delves into the complexities of dealing with opportunistic individuals and bureaucratic hurdles that become entwined with her experiences.

It’s important to note that I, as the recipient of these emails, have never met Dr. Peterson in person and have formed my understanding of her solely through the messages she sent to me. If you happen to recognize her, please share any information you may have.

This book portrays a tragic drama that has unfolded over many years in Dr. Peterson’s life. Through these pages, my aim is to immerse you in the emotional rollercoaster of her last five years and reveal the ultimate resolution of this gripping tale.