Mail from kidnapping

Below is the original mail from the kidnapping drama.

2013-04-13 11:18
Dear Lars,
How are you doing today i didn’t get any email from you hope you had a good trip and please don’t forget to write when you get my message. The team arrived the early hour of this morning from Turkey, according to them it was hell along the way while they were on their way coming down here,  they were attacked the bullet holes in the van is a proof of how scary the journeying down here is, and they have to take a longer route to get here. I became so scared about what lies ahead of me as i make my trip to Turkey, according to them the journey will take 8 to 10 hrs pray for me as i make my way back home, the most difficult and scary part is from here to Turkey if am in Turkey am already safe, write me i miss you.
You are always in my heart
Dr. Rose

13 apr 2013 23:28
Dr Rose M Peterson <>:
Dear Lars, 
I just got back after a very busy day with patients, i will be leaving tomorrow night please write me i need best wish of safe trip from you before i leave.
Missing you
Dr. Rose

14 apr 2013 kl. 20:23 Dr Rose M Peterson
Dear Lars,
It’s very nice to have receive this wonderful message from you, now i know you are okay and always with me, i am hoping for the best and safe of this trip back home i can’t wait to be home, a while go i was given more hint on what lies ahead as we travel down to Turkey. It’s 9:16 pm here and the journey begins by 10 pm, thanks for all you have done for me, i own you greatly and most especially being there for me, i will keep you posted when i arrived Turkey.
Dr. Rose

2013-04-15 08:47
Dear Lars, 
I am very sorry; i am only having the opportunity to write you now, as we travel down the road to Turkey something went wrong. We have been kidnapped by some group of armed men who are demanding for armed in exchange of our lives, but the security officer that has been taking us has ask me not to say anything than am a tourist who was trapped by the war in Syria and all these while i have been trying to leave the country.
It all happen 3:46 am as we travel through dark thick night we came to a place where we have a some pot holes along the road and as the van slow down some group of arms men jump out from the forest and as the driver try to drive off he was shot at and hit in the head and he died on spot and the van ran into the rocky area where it crashed and two of the patients that we have been transferring to Turkey for surgery died instantly.
They have kept us in a dark room that i can’t even tell where i am, am so terrified and scared to death.
They are coming.
Pray for me
Dr. Rose  

2013-04-15 15:10
Dear Lars,
It’s 4:14 pm here, i  just came back from another interrogation, am socked with blood before my eyes someone was shot in the head to tell me how serious these blood tasty killing armed men are. Because am a woman, they have not lay much beating on me, they took all i have including the 5000 GBP and 13,000 GBP am having with me cash and some other gold bars that was given to me by the Syrian locals as a gift for the time i stay with them in helping their people. You know i can’t speak Arabic but i have been doing my best to explain to them that i have a wonderful family back home who are waiting for my return, a beautiful daughter and loving old mother and also a friend whom has been there friend that is (you).
After much questioning my words remain the same as the officer told me i should say am a tourist because if they know am a doctor they will take me with them, so they decided they will let me go after they contacted London to confirm if am really a tourist and the negotiating team acted very fast to follow up and they were able to calm them down and they said before they will let me go the ransom of 30,000 GBP most be paid, at the moment i have give them all i have including the 5000 GBP+13000 making the amount the sum of 18,000 GBP and still needed 12,000 within 96 hrs or they will kill me.
Am really scared at this point and don’t know what to do, though the negotiating team is doing their best but one of the officer here who have been shot on the leg advice me if i have anyone who can help to raise the money i should contact the person because the negotiating team will take longer and that might put my life at risk because am the one who demanded for the leave to get off Syria. 
Please i know you have tried for, but if it’s possible or if it’s interest i will pay as soon as am within these days for urgency i need you to help me raise 12,000 GBP so the balance can be paid for them to let me go am scared.
Dr. Rose 

2013-04-15 19:34
Dear Lars, 
Your word and courage is my comfort to walk through this difficult time of my life, these men have killed 3 people before my eyes and i don’t think they have pity for life i am willing to pay back with interest my life is more important because this what i can’t buy with money, please transfer the money through the last account you used Hairlinks. , get back to me when you can make the transfer time is running out my life is online.
Dr. Rose

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